Alarmstufe Schwarz
Alarmstufe Schwarz

Playlist vom 10.03.2017

Nr. Artist Song Album: 
1 In Strict Confidence Herz The Hardest Heart 2016
2 Project Pitchfork Blind Eye Look up, I'm Down There 2016
3 Asdeandare Industrial Rise! In the Darkness of Orbits (EP) 2015
4 RROYCE I Like It  When You Lie Karoshi 2016
5 Rabia Sorda Somewhere Along the Road (Electric Revolt Version) Machineries of Joy Vol. 5
6 Mono Inc. Out In The Fields Together Till The End 2017
7 Erdling Mein Element Single 2016
8 Gothzilla Today Is A Good Day To Die Catharsis 2011
9 Heimataerde Folge mir Aerdenbrand 2016
10 SYNCOM Call to Arms Face The Beat: Session 4
11 Wumpscut Is It You Embryodead 1997
12 Absurd Minds For those who love Tempus Fugit 2017
13 Beborn Beton She Cried (Zynic Remix) She Cried MCD 2016

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